Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?

The short answer to this would be “maybe”.

Mastering is, and has always been, a key step (probably the most important one actually) in the music production chain.

What is mastering?

According to Wikipedia, mastering is “the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master)” – in other words, and in the digital age, it now means polishing the sound of a mix for making sure it will sound equally “good” (subjective concept here, yes) across all listening devices (home hi-fi, car audio systems, portable CD players, headphones, ear-buds…etc.).

It requires critical listening from the mastering engineer who will also have to match with the record producer’s expectations in terms of how he/she wants the record/audio file to sound.

Many analogue gear and software tools exist to process a master file, this processing consisting in editing minor flaws/glitches, eventually reduce noise, eliminate clicks/pops, adjust stereo width, create an “ambience”, apply equalization for optimizing frequencies balances, adjust the overall volume/loudness, apply dynamic compression, limit peak…etc.

This is a very manual and usually expensive process, involving human resources (mastering studio, engineer, producer’s feedback…etc.) and loads of sophisticated and costly analogue or digital equipment.

Here comes LANDR.

LANDR instantly masters any audio file, online, for a very low price.

It is not preset or template based, but an adaptive engine that “listens” to a song and matches the musical features against a huge data set in order to make intelligent mastering choices.

The company behind LANDR is named MixGenius, they have spent eight years developing complex custom algorithms, with the help of trained audio and mastering experts.

After testing the solution with several unmastered audio files, we have to say it does the job, and it does it quite well.

It may not replace humans mastering engineer for now, but it appears to be the one-stop solution for indie artists or labels on a budget, or content owners with a large back-catalog who’d like to improve the quality of their audio archives.

We are pleased to offer you 1 month FREE for their Pro plan, which gives you:

  • 4 uncompressed WAV masters
  • Unlimited 192kbps MP3
  • Control over Intensity

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