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Introducing Songtrust, a Billboard Magazine Top Music Start-Up, publishing royalty collection and administration online . Launched by Downtown Music Publishing in 2011, Songtrust provides efficient and accountable royalty collection service in over 50 major music markets worldwide.

Songtrust collects domestic and international royalties from: radio airplay, TV placements, Spotify and YouTube plays, Pandora plays, mechanical royalties, live performances, and more!

When you join Songtrust, we can affiliate you as a songwriter with ASCAP or BMI (if you are not already affiliated), register your songs worldwide, collect publishing royalties on your behalf, and pay them directly to you.

JTV Digital has partnered with Songtrust to offer to its US-based artists the opportunity to register to Songtrust while benefiting from a 10% discount code on the account creation fee.

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