6 Things Labels Look For When Reviewing Submissions

1. Professional Production & Writing First things first.…
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Licensing Presents The Best New Option for Bands to Get Paid

These days it feels like there are more musicians out there than…

Tips on How to Promote Your Music

With so many musicians out there, it can be difficult to get…

Facebook ready to go head to head with YouTube and Spotify on music streaming

The prospect of Facebook taking on the likes of Spotify and YouTube…

How Spotify is finally gaining leverage over record labels

The problem with Spotify going public has always been that the…

Over 100 million people now pay for music streaming, beating the number of Netflix subscribers for the first time

One of the more deflating facts about the size of the global…
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Getting A Verified Twitter Account Is Now Made Easier

Twitter is expanding its verified accounts program to more users…
6 Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as a Musician

6 Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as a Musician

Social media holds enormous marketing potential. It provides…
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A Beginner's Guide to Snapchat for Musicians

If you're looking to take advantage of the latest social media…
snapchat music

Why Snapchat is a major marketing opportunity in the music industry

Originally published on the 'Kismet Thoughts' blog Whether or…
What is the right social media platform for you?

What is the right social media platform for you?

You may wonder what social media channel to use when promoting…
instagram mutliple accounts

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts (finally)

Tada! The long-awaited and rumoured Instagram feature is finally there, you can now add multiple Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in.
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Top 10 Social Networks in 2015

Here are the latest figures of the top 10 social networks in…

Snapchat Grabs Massive Chunk Of Online Video Views

Snapchat recently confirmed that it now receives 6 billion views daily on its messaging platform. This rapid growth among a profitable demographic has significant implications for artists and musicians who use online video as a promotional tool.

How To Get A Verified Facebook Page

Follow these simple steps to get a verified facebook page It…

Create Your Social Media Headers In Seconds

Don't waste time creating your social media headers, it can be…
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What Is The Best Time To Post On Social Networks

Do you know there is a best time to post on social networks,…