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We Spin: Artist Career Advancement Platform

JTV Digital has been partner with music marketing agency Dotted Music for many years now. The company has recently launched We Spin, which is a music marketing education platform and community.

We Spin will help your career by teaching you how to increase your demand and sales, and building yourself a loyal fan-base

The platform hosts different courses and covers different topics about the business side of the music industry.

You’ll learn how to build a brand with your music project, grow an audience, and earn a living making music Artists who have upcoming tours with benefit from the comprehensive tour marketing course offered by the platform.

You become a part of the We Spin artist community where you get to meet fellow musicians, get feedback on your tracks and discuss the various marketing techniques that We Spin teaches you.

Many of our JTV Digital clients have already benefited with We Spin’s courses.

We Spin has just come out of beta and has a new 2-week trial offer, during which you get access to all the courses for free.

Check it out at this location.

Get 2 weeks FREE WeSpin trial!



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