Snapchat’s new feature : Spotlight.


Snapchat introduces a new feature called Spotlight to showcase its best creators and remunerate them. This new feature will also include a $1 million per day reward until 2020. Snapchat’s post announcing the new feature states that its Spotlight ranking is determined by a “proprietary formula” – an algorithm. Spotlight award winners do not have to be users with a public account or established content creators. 


According to Snapchat, the new feature is designed to reward creativity in a fun and fair way. The application’s navigation will be updated to support a new “Spotlight” tab in the lower right corner of the screen. This feature looks very similar to the “Discover” tab in TikTok, where new accounts can go viral as quickly as established creators. Indeed, all social networks have copied Snapchat’s “Stories” feature. 


The pandemic has also given Snapchat a boost in terms of users. Snapchat says they will launch the new Spotlight feature in a few countries, initially on a trial basis. Messages submitted to the Spotlight feature must meet community guidelines to be approved and participate. Snap points out in its blog post that the Spotlight feature will be heavily moderated. 


Snapchat Spotlight also prohibits hate speech, explicit or profane content, bullying, harassment, and violence. Snapchat seems to want to subsidize creators who are willing to adopt the Spotlight platform. 

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