Radio Airplay Monitoring

Why you need to monitor your radio spins

If your songs are getting played on radio, you need to monitor your spins. Here is why:

So you’ve worked hard on writing, recording, mastering, releasing and promoting your song. You may even have used a (sometimes expensive) radio plugger for getting a chance to get your song played on terrestrial and/or online radio.

But how do you know exactly if your song is getting spins? And how much? Where?

Collecting rights agencies (PRS, ASCAP, SACEM…etc.) will report these spins to you, at some point, in a near or far future (it can take up to 2-3 years). But some may be missed since not all stations report their airplays accurately.

With accurate airplay monitoring data to back you up, you can claim any unpaid / unreported royalties with your collection society, which means more money ultimately returned to you.

But this is not the only reason to track your radio spins, there is much more to do with this information.

It gives you geographical insights on where your songs are the most popular amongst the radio DJs (and consequently where people hear your music the most frequently).

This can be an interesting tool  for targeting your promotional efforts, know where to place online ad campaigns, or even plan touring.

Also it helps to know your “competitors” by looking at the other tracks frequently broadcasted alongside with yours.

And you will see a list of stations recommended for expanding your reach, wether or not you are using a radio plugger, this is a very valuable information for targeting the most appropriate audiences.

These are the reasons why we have decided to offer this optional service to our clients, at a good value for money pricing. You can check this service on our Options page here



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