Musicians : How to diversify your income during the covid crisis?


With the interdiction of live performances all around the world , the music industry is strongly impacted by the covid crisis. This represents a big loss of income for all kind of artist. To minimize this problem, we reveal 2 tips to diversify your income during this crisis.

Sell samples

In music, a sample is a sound extract from a pre-existing recording of any kind and taken out of context. They can be bought and used by artists in their songs. They are often sold in packs by artists whose job it is to do so. Although they do not generate royalties, samples are a great source of income.

Giving lessons

If you play an instrument, you can certainly use your musical skills to give private lessons. Currently, many sites offering private lessons in visio are becoming big due to the current crisis . If you are a music producer or DJ you can also give lessons for those who are just starting out.

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