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Music Gateway: the music professional’s dream network

There are several business platforms emerging daily and promising to create better network and job opportunities for musicians and music professionals but, ‘Music Gateway’ distinctly stands apart from the rest of them.

The common challenges of slow progress, lack of work opportunities and lack of contacts are issues that ‘Music Gateway’ hopes to bring positive solutions to, as well as bridge the existing gaps between the music industry’s players and wealth of paid opportunities.

This free to register service connects the people to the projects. Work opportunities and collaboration opportunities are delivered on a world-wide scale to all those involved in the process of making music.

You can be a part of Music Gateway’s unique workspace here at and begin to:

  • Communicate
  • Share & manage audio files
  • Upload the work-in-progress for the other workers to listen to and make time specific notes/comments and feedback
  • Upload MIDI files and anything else you need to provide to your project workers.

‘Music Gateway’ is indeed the perfect hub for lyricists, producers, session musicians, managers, record labels, publishers and other music professionals to create opportunities for each other in an all round satisfactory manner.

We hope you enjoy using ‘Music Gateway’ and welcome your feedback and comments.

Many artists from the JTV Digital roster have been successfully using Music Gateway

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