Latest artists highlights

Latest artists highlights

We’ve recently been either super lucky or particularly efficient, but we’ve secured many major highlights for our artists :)


Efya‘s debut album Janesis went number 1 (#1) on iTunes Ghana immediately after the release, and has ranked in many countries since.

Efya number one on iTunesFollowing this, her song “Heartbeat” was featured in a major Spotify playlist, “Novedades Viernes”, reaching more than 400,000 subscribers.

novedades viernesDeezer also picked up her song “Boy By Beh Gye” for a huge playlist with more than 900,000 fans:

Deezer playlist


EsQuille had is new track “Banjo Bounce” placed in a great Spotify playlist named “Happy Songs”, reaching approx 70,000 people.

Happy Songs


Shortly after the release of her debut album ‘Disorders‘, BELLE was featured on a major Canadian blog IX Daily

IX DailyWe have secured a lot of additional blog features for various songs from the ‘Disorders’ album, expected to be published in the next days.

Her song “No sleep in Toronto” has also been included in the playlist “R&B Right Now”, curated by Spotify Canada.

No Sleep in Toronto

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