JustGo Music connects music artists and fans

JustGo Music connects music artists and fans

We recently discovered a new tool/service offered by JustGo Music where artists can connect to their fans and reach a wider audience.

The service offers 3 plans, including the free one that we have tested.

We were literally stunned by the features included!

From your artist dashboard, you can deliver tweets and Facebook posts to your fans (and even schedule these messages!) and track your social networks statistics as well, but wait, there is another GREAT feature: from that same dashboard, you have the option to upload your songs in mp3 format, attach a cover artwork and – this is where the “magic” is – deliver this song to YouTube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud after you connected your accounts/channels from these services.

That’s a very cool option, especially the YouTube one. Why? See below:

– artists who do not have an official video clip ready or (and this is very common) not one video per song can deliver to YouTube what is usually referred as a “still image” video, meaning audio and cover artwork image together to create a YouTube video

– more and more people are (almost) solely using YouTube to listen to their favorite music through, this is a great opportunity for artists and labels to BE THERE and monetize their videos afterwards.

And you know what?

As a matter of coincidence, we at JTV Digital have similar features in the planning: before the end of this year, all our clients will have the option to deliver their music to Soundcloud and YouTube from the existing JTV Digital system interface, only by ticking an additional box corresponding to each of these stores…easy and convenient.

But when it comes to YouTube, it will be much more than just delivering “still image video” out there.

The system will send audio files to YouTube for fingerprinting and monetization as well, what will give you the chance to monetize both on your own channel and on other people’s channels whenever your music is used on someone else’s video.

The service is already available to some of our “beta-testers” artists.

Stay tuned!

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