Ali Brustofski

An Inspiring young talent: Ali Brustofski

Music the first love of Ali Brustofski and has helped her to access the huge success in very little time.

The fame has knocked at the door of the young beauty Alisson. The 21 years singer and songwriter Ali became famous in 2003 and has achieved many awards for her melodious voice and song writing. She succeeded in developing her own distinct sound and her first EP by devoting time for the music and working with wide array of talented artists and producers of the era. Katy Perry, Demi Levato and Sia are at the top on the list of her favorite singers which inspired her to release her first EP independently.

Dream Big – A source of inspiration for Ali that came into existence with the release of her first EP  named “Dream Big” in July 2013. Her beautiful voice and confidence is God gifted. She began to perform at the age of just 3.  This is the confidence and her determination that led her to the path of success. The interesting thing is that the popularity and recognition of Ali is not just because of singing and song writing but she is also a talented actress.

Her speciality is her confidence with which she performs. She gives a pretty neat idea to upcoming artists by revealing her secret, about her confidence, while talking with an entertainment magazine. To get rid of stage fright, she advises to get used to it. She says, “The more you perform, the more you get used to the feeling of nervousness.”  She further explains how she got all this by saying, “I grew up doing musical theater, so I auditioned a lot and I did performances, which got me used to the whole nerve thing”. Therefore, young artists are required to perform more in front of an audience to become accustomed to nervousness which is a better way to handle stage fright.

Since the age of 3, her passion of acting got momentum and she started to participate in many musical theatre productions in New Jersey. Her performance as Brigitta at the age of 10 was much admired. It was her brilliant performance in the professional show of young Nick Jonas named ‘Sound of Music’ at the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ. Many people know Ali as Piper O’Possum as little Airplane Productions and Nickelodeon hired the super talented girl in 2003 to be the voice of Piper O’Possum. Her voice brought smile on the faces of children.

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Since 2008, she has been the one of successful YouTubers. Ali uploaded her first video to the YouTube in 2008 and positive feedback and love by her fans on YouTube is consistently resulting in growing her fans from all over the world. The successful crowd-funding campaign on RockeHub and systematic strategic planning has led ‘Dream Big’ on number 22 on the singer/songwriters charts. Only because of successful campaign, the availability of her first EP was possible on i Tunes. Her Dream Big will surely accomplish of her dreams.

There were six fortunate semi-finalists in The CW reality Singing Competition Series and Ali was one of them representing New York from ‘The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep’ where she is guided by Gloria Estefan. It is rare to gain success and lots of love from the people throughout the world at just 21. Fortunately, Ali is the beauty that is reigning the hearts and minds of her fans not merely because of her voice and acting but also because of her adorable looks.

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