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Infographic: Lifecycle of an Online Music Release

Infographic re-posted courtesy of the GeoRiot blog

There is a lot of hard work that goes into the “drop” of a new album.

It is an exciting time for everyone involved in the process, from the record label, to the artist, to the fans.

The team at GeoRiot looked through half a million clicks on links to iTunes albums, and interviewed industry experts to see what they could uncover.

With the digital music marketplace as a backdrop, they sought to further understand the relationship between an album’s lifecycle and the marketing behind it.

The following infographic is the result of their research.

• 26% of all new album click through happen before the album even drops

• Only 19% of shoppers click during the 24 hours of release.

• FB is 4x more likely to refer traffic than Twitter pre-release.



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