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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Music Videos

As you may know, more than 50% of online music searches now happen on YouTube

Not only it is key for an artist or label to have their catalog available on YouTube (and/or YouTubeVEVO), but more importantly their videos (was it “real” music videos, “art track” videos or lyrics videos) need to attract a fraction of this huge YouTube traffic.

But for the average music artist who is usually not a SEO expert (and that’s totally OK!), this is quite a challenge to stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive space, where more than 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute!

In this article we will give you very simple and basic tips to drive more organic traffic to your videos, with minimum effort (it will only take you a few minutes per video to complete these tasks).

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There are 5 important items that YouTube uses to rank videos:

Title / Description / Tags / Number of views / Rating

There are 5 important items that YouTube uses to rank videosClick To Tweet

Let’s check these one by one and see what can be done with minimum effort.

  • Video title:

This is certainly the most important element, and the one you have full control on.

Always include your artist name and title so that people can find you easily.

The typical naming will be [Artist Name] – [Video Title]

(in case of a music video, the “video title” element will be the name of your song, basically)

You may also add  in brackets a short description of the type of video, for example (Official Music Video), (Lyrics Video), (Audio), etc.

  • Video description:

Your video description must describe what the video is about, as precisely as possible.

It does not need to be a long text (even though some SEO experts now recommend to put as much text as possible in this section, it can be extremely annoying for your fans to read it, and would most likely have no interest)

If you write text purely for SEO purposes, you may get more traffic but will probably miss the main purpose which is to describe what is shown in the video!

Just announce what the video is (example “Music video of [song title] performed by [artist name]) and add a few lines about the record label, the release, the video director…etc.

More important, add your buy links and social networks / website links in the video description text.

You can generate short urls with tools such as georiot, smarturl, bitly, linkfire, etc.

Then add your main website and social media links.

You can see a template of a typical video description here in our FAQ section

  • Video Tags

Also referred to as “keywords”, YouTube tags can be extremely helpful in bringing more traffic to your videos.

When people search for a specific phrase or word in YouTube, the results include videos based on the “tags” that go along with the videos.

Keywords can be generated with tools such as Google Keyword Planner or alternatives like Keyword Tool

It can also be worth trying to use phrases instead of just words,  make sure to include your artist name (+ any misspellings) in these keyword phrases.

  • Number of views and ratings

Unless you have a significant fanbase who is eagerly waiting to watch, share and like your new music video, this is the part where some financial investment would be required.


Not only it is useless and a complete waste of money, but your video will be immediately taken down by YouTube (as soon as fake views are detected).

In order to generate some (real) views and comments, and, more than just this, engagement, you may try our YouTube promo campaigns available from our Artist Services section. It fits any budget and works very well.

After driving traffic and views to your videos, don’t forget to monetize your songs on YouTube!

Check our dedicated YouTube FAQ to find out more or just sign up for free to our digital distribution service.

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