Get Feedback On Your Music With AudioKite

Have you ever wondered what people were really thinking about your music?

You wrote a great song, your friends and family like it, sure you got a hit here, right?…

Before releasing it on digital stores or on CD, before spending thousands of dollars/euro in marketing and promotion, wouldn’t it be safer to get honest, unbiased, constructive feedback from music fans of your genre?

Enters AudioKite.

AudioKite has built a system based on Amazon Mechanical Turk where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music, after actually listening to the songs.

Here is a detailed explanation from Alex of AudioKite about this process:

“Due to the fact that a fair wage for mTurk workers is based on the amount of time they take to complete a task, and the fact that songs have varying lengths, listen time is a data point that changes from song to song. But despite our minimum listen time requirement of 40 seconds, nearly all respondents listen more than that – exactly 1 minute 44 seconds on average as of this writing. We track how long each respondent listens and actually use that data point in your “commercial viability” percentage rating. The thought process here is the better your song is, the more time people will spend listening to it. We also go back and give bonuses to mTurk workers who write long reviews or listen longer.”

We tried the AudioKite reports, and the results went far above our expectations.

It gives you detailed insights about your song, highlighting all pros and cons, everything delivered in a report with clear data display and graphs. This is certainly the best market research tool of this kind.

But AudioKite is also a great tool for Record Labels (big or small) who can use it for A&R purposes, hit identification, synch licensing potential evaluation, fan building (the Pro features let you include promotional links back to a band website, Facebook page, Bandcamp, etc.) and even tour planning.

We have decided to partner with AudioKite and offer these great market insights to our clients at a discounted rate:

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