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How to make money by releasing cover songs

A number of artistes like Justin Bieber (who covered Ne-yo’s ‘So Sick’), Amy Winehouse with ‘Valerie’ (originally by The Zutons), Destiny’s Child with ‘Emotion’ (originally by Samantha Sang), Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ (originally by Ednaswap), Madonna’s ‘Ray of light’ (originally by Curtiss Maldoon), Whitney Houston’s ‘Step by Step’ (originally by Annie Lennox), Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ ( originally by Jeff Beck) among others have successfully launched or built up their careers performing and recording cover songs.

Recording Cover songs is the easiest tool to build audiences for artistes trying to achieve faster growth in their careers from a place that takes advantage of consumers’ prior acquaintance to bands and music they are already familiar with and love.

Many do not realize that digital music services though offering instant access for consumers 24/7 also run out of stock as not every track you have in your vinyl or CD collection exists in digital form hence, presenting a simple supply and demand opportunity.

Another advantage of selling cover music is the widening of consumer demographic scope of growing artistes via search engines based on the existing search profile results of the famous band or artiste they choose to cover.

Chances are if you do a great or at least somewhat interesting Cover of a classic, your satisfied audience will go out to look for more of your songs.

So how does one get started making a small fortune (and possibly a little amount of fame) recording and selling Cover songs?

The first step required is to clear the rights to the song you wish to cover:

Before recording and releasing cover songs you need to acquire a mechanical license (also known as a DPD license) that provides permission to legally record and distribute any given song.

For artists looking to record video versions of their cover songs for purposes of YouTube, Vimeo, and other user-generated content sites, a separate synchronization license is required.

Several entities exist to help artists and labels clear mechanical licenses and ensure songwriters get paid.

One of such agencies is Loudr — a simple, one-stop shop to clear any cover song and secure mechanical licenses for digital downloads, interactive streaming, ringtones, and physical albums.

You may also use Easy Song Licensing, another great one-stop solution for all your cover songs clearances’ needs.

Artists, bands and other musical groups can clear any cover song and ensure 100% of royalties are paid to the appropriate publishers and songwriters via Limelight.

So what are you waiting for? Get recording!

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