Female First features Wiyaala’s “You Got The Power” new single

UK website Female First has featured Wiyaala’s new single “You Got The Power”

You Got The Power was originally written back in 2012 after winning Ghana’s Vodafone Icons Mixed Edition with her band Black n Peach.

Management rejected the song at the time claiming it was not “Ghanaian enough” (sic).

So now Wiyaala has done the only thing that she knows how to do… stand up strong and take the track into her own hands to show who has got the power ;)

This new version was produced by Bill Delia, mixed by Ray Borneo and Mastered for iTunes by Roman Styx, under executive supervision of Djimba World Records and JTV Digital.

This song is a love song for Africa. The lyrics and message encourages people to stand up, be brave and strong. Love your country with everything you have and fight for what is right in the world because YOU got the power!

Download ‘You Got The Power” now on iTunes:

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