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On Recording My New Single, “Fragments”

The last official David Andrew Wiebe release was my solo debut album in 2006 called Shipwrecked… My Sentiments. That alone probably raises some questions. “Why did it take you so long to put out something new?” “Why are you recording music again after all these years?” “Who cares?” All great questions – none of which […]

What Do I Do With All Of These CDs!?

My friend, Carla Olive, is moving away from the city in which I now reside – Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has been a very influential musician on a local level. She has selflessly served as open mic host at several venues for many years, and dedicated herself to the growth of community in the Calgary music […]

Audio is The New Frontier – How Will You Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Amplifi Media recently drew attention to some vital stats connected to audio listening habits. This one, in particular should pique your interest: Today, 19% of audio listening is coming from the smartphone, and as adoption for the tech-integrated vehicle increases, these numbers will continue to rise. What sources are dominating people’s listening habits on their […]

Is Spotify Killing Music?

A better question might be: is music streaming killing music? But in order to gain a better understanding of this question, we actually have to go back in time. Before music streaming as it exists today, we had digital downloads. Digital downloads were already a step down from physical album sales for many artists (in […]

How to Create an Unforgettable Live Experience

What follows in an excerpt from The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age, David Andrew Wiebe’s guide to scaling your independent music career mountain in the music industry. Refreshingly honest, it chronicles the mistakes and ups and downs of Wiebe’s own career. How you present your live show really depends […]

How to Get Featured on a Spotify Playlist

As much as artists complain about music streaming, getting featured on a Spotify playlist can be quite profitable. I recently had a chat with Juno-award winning songwriter and artist Helen Austin, and she mentioned that she somehow wound up on an influencer’s playlist. Though she didn’t know how it happened, she was wondering out loud […]

5 reasons why your band needs a website

If you are in a band, and you’re serious about making it big in the music industry, having your own website is crucial. You can tailor your website to your fans and choose the content you want to highlight – something you simply can’t do with your social media platforms. If you set it up […]