Another Amazing African Album Distributed by JTV Digital

Brand and Music Ambassador, international selling musical artiste and an epitome of a true African.

P-Hypha is a selfless inspirer not just to his growing global fan base but to artists and industry heads around the world. This tireless worker is committed to helping people from all over the globe achieve their dreams by sacrificing his time, energy and resources in order to put smiles in the hearts of many.

As a Brand Ambassador for JTV Digital (a digital distribution company based in France), P-Hypha reaches out to artists who are yet to make their mark internationally by bringing them into this global family of music professionals and industry experts and as the Global Music Ambassador for Music Unites Africa, P-Hypha commits himself totally to causes and charity organizations that impact the less-privileged citizens of Africa positively via health and food support.

From Ethiopia to Zimbabwe and across the beautiful continent of Africa, P-Hypha involves himself financially and otherwise to ensure productivity, growth and sustainability to communities and nations who need basic aid to survive.

With foundations like the “Hand Of Hope” to “Heifer International” and quite a few others, P-Hypha has proven himself to be a humble humanitarian always putting himself last and putting others first.

True humanity he says is the ability to help one another move forward in life even if we ourselves need help.

A revolutionist in his music but a dove to humanity, the examples being set by P-Hypha is a remarkable one which all African youth should emulate in order to take the continent of Africa further into the limelight of its recent developments.

If you are interested in listening and supporting music from P-Hypha, please click on any of these links below to purchase his latest album “Memoirs Of a King“.

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