YouTube Music Key

YouTube Music Key now available

We have just finalized the integration of YouTube Music Key

What is YouTube Music Key?

YouTube Music Key allows watching and listening to music videos.

The service offers ad-free, audio-only playback for background listening in addition to video viewing, as well as offline listening.

When you deliver an album to this channel, it will be made available and monetized in the YouTube Music Key service.

It will also include a subscription to Google Play Music, with 30+ million songs, expert-curated playlists, and in the coming days, the ability to watch many YouTube official music videos right from the app.

How does YouTube Music Key works?

When delivering your songs to YouTube Music Key, an “Art Track” is created (the song is associated with its artwork and delivered as a “still image” video file)

These Art Tracks automate the creation of versions for songs that don’t already have a music video.

You make money when those Art Tracks are streamed on YouTube.

It only costs 0.16€* per song to add your track to YouTube Music Key

For more information about YouTube Music Key:

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* excluding PayPal fees


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